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April 26
La Viña en Los Angeles
10:00 am Worship Service
720 S. Lake St.
Los Angeles, Calif.  90057

May 4 - 8
Mpigi, Uganda
Visit to DuncanAfrica Guitar Factory
see www.duncanafrica.com

May 9 - 11
Lagos, Nigeria
Redeemed Christian Church of God





Could a Guitar Change the World?

A few years ago I took a DuncanAfrica guitar with me on tour to England.  In Cambridge, during the sound check, the sound technician asked me, “what is that guitar you’re playing?!”  He was blown away by the rich, bright and beautiful tone of the guitar.  So was I.
Jay Duncan has been a guitar maker, or luthier, for around 21 years.  Jay progressed in the first ten years of his career to making custom high-end guitars, many of them selling for up to five thousand dollars or more.  And then in 2004, Jay founded the DuncanAfrica Society.  Instead of keeping his guitar-making skills all to himself, he had a burning desire to share that skill with the poorest of the poor.
For the last nine years, Jay has traveled to Uganda each year to train students in the art of luthiery. A total of 16 young men and women have been trained by Jay as luthiers since 2007.  These indigenous Ugandans, who once believed their circumstances could never change, have found themselves in a new position where their dreams are becoming reality. Skills training and hard work are paying off, and the hope for a better tomorrow has never been more tangible.
Jay is doing something insanely generous and Christ-like.  Like it says in Psalm 113, “Who is like the Lord?...He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap.”  Jay is raising some folks from the ash heap.
DuncanAfrica instruments are now played all over the world, from Canada and the USA, to the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Their goal for 2013 is to train one new luthier per month until they have roughly 30 highly qualified students. When possible, these students will form their own manufacturing company and export to developed nations.
To find out more about DuncanAfrica Society, go to http://www.duncanafrica.com.

This is a video of my song "Revive Us Again" from my CD "Unshakable."  It was shot near Nanimo on Vancouver Island.  This song and video are featured on the Book/CD project called "This is Our Love," produced by World Vision in cooperation with Crossroads Christian Communications.  Thanks to my friends for your help!  Darcy White, Randall Butler, Greg Butler, Mark Fitz and my daughter, Jessica!

Andy Park