My New Album -  Let Love Lead You

Very soon, my new album Let Love Lead You will be available on all major music platforms.  In some ways this project that is different from any of my previous albums.  Here is the big idea behind Let Love Lead You.


In my many visits to various Latin American countries, I speak as much Spanish as I can to communicate in a way that is understood.  It wouldn’t make much sense to speak unintelligible words.  For many years, I’ve made music that contains language aimed at Christians.  In Let Love Lead You, I’m aiming at a much bigger audience, so I’ve taken a different approach.  


I love to connect with God through songs of love.  But when I use that language in the presence of people who have traveled a different spiritual journey, they can’t always relate.  So, in Let Love Lead You, I’m communicating in a way that’s more broadly accepted and understood.


I hope these songs will be easily digestible for people of all spiritual persuasions.  The song lyrics focus on the common ground that we share with all humanity.  I’ve tried to be authentic and honest about the emotions we all feel – pain, joy, ecstasy.   These are songs about important choices like loyalty, commitment and dealing with our own failures.  All of us experience challenges in relationships, all of us need friends, all of us deal with suffering, and all of us need a lot of love.  Maybe these songs will help start conversations with new friends.


God is love.  He loves every human being in the entire world – people of all colors, creeds, nationalities and beliefs.  Over the past few years, my grasp of God’s love for all of humankind has been getting a little wider and more all-inclusive.  Every single human is a child of God, made in the image of God.  Every person has a divine spark interwoven into their DNA.  He isn’t prejudiced, and I don’t want to be prejudiced.


If I’m honest, I’d say that there are many millions of people in the world who are immediately turned off by most “Christian music.”  One reason for that is the behavior and attitudes of many churchgoers.   Throughout history and in the present, many churchgoers don’t exemplify the love of Jesus very well.  It’s frightening what some people do “in the name of God.”  I think many of our neighbors view church people as critical, self-righteous and arrogant.  (Of course, I don’t believe that all church people are that way).


Since God is obviously has no prejudices against anyone, you would think that his followers would make it a high priority to love everyone unconditionally.  Unfortunately, the worldwide church has done a lot over the last 20 centuries to foster an “us-them” mentality rather than, “we’re all in this thing together – God loves you as much as he loves me or anyone else.”


Rather than retreating into a fortress of isolation from my neighbors, I’d like to build bridges of friendship with all sorts of folks.  I want to walk towards friendship with the folks who have never encountered God’s love and don’t understand “Christian-ese.”  Who was the most shining example of that?  Jesus, of course.  He hung out with all kinds of people from different nations, who had shady careers, and a poor moral track record.  And I’m not implying that all non-Christians are immoral.  Many people who don’t see themselves as spiritually inclined are upright, kind, virtuous people.


So, whoever you are, and whatever you may believe, I hope you enjoy Let Love Lead You.

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andy Park

New Music Release Coming Soon!

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