Post #2: What does a humble life look like?  (Moses, Part 1) 

Perhaps Moses embodies humility more ways than any other biblical figure.  God seemed to think so.  We read in the book of Numbers: “Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.”  Num. 12:3     

Moses’ life is a great is example of the practical working out of humility in all areas of life. Humility shaped Moses’ attitudes, his ambitions, the way he related to God and the way he dealt with people.  

Moses was unassuming, and un-ambitious.  Born to a Hebrew slave woman, he found himself growing up in a palace—Pharaoh’s royal household.  

At first, he was very reluctant to respond to God’s call to confront the Pharaoh for his brutal treatment of the Hebrew slaves: “Who am I to do such a thing?”  Moses began with no confidence and no desire to take on this monumental task of freeing his people from the clutches of the evil king. Finally, he accepted God’s invitation to be a liberator.  We see his transformation into a very capable leader.  His courageous and compassionate action doesn’t fit the silly caricature of humility that many people imagine.  

Moses was called by God to do something he did not choose. He did the job he didn’t want to do because asked him to do it.  I can imagine Moses’ self-talk when God spoke to him through the burning bush: “This is crazy.  The last thing in the world I want to do is risk my life by confronting the King of the Egyptians.  Why can’t I keep doing my simple job as a shepherd?”   Humility is cooperating with God.

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