Post #6: Living in Humility

Humility Brings Rewards 

If you’re smart, you’ll learn humility.  If you want your relationship with God to flourish, you’ll walk humbly.  If you want satisfying relationships with your family, friends and work mates, you’ll develop a humble heart.  If you want the best long-term rewards available, you’ll always be learning from Jesus’ example of humility. 

Humility is a safeguard against unnecessary failure and disappointment.  We will make mistakes and be disappointed, but we can minimize that by learning the Jesus way.  Humility makes us ready to learn from anyone, anywhere, anytime.  

Without humility, you can’t be a lifelong learner.    To be an apprentice of Jesus we must constantly have the humility of a child who is eager to learn.  A teachable heart opens the door to God’s grace. 

Scripture teaches that we catch God’s attention by walking in humility.  Despite the trials we may undergo, walking in humility brings a huge reward: 

God rewards the humble with wisdom.[i] 

God saves and shows favor to the humble.[ii] 

God guides and sustains  the humble.[iii] 

He crowns the humble with victory [iv] 

He hears the prayers of the humble.[v] 

Humility is the fear of the LORD; its wages are riches and honor and life.[vi] 

The God of all grace is all about helping us, enabling us, and blessing us.  The idea of grace in the Bible describes the whole of God’s activity towards his children.  It’s available in unlimited measure to those who choose a humble path.  

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