Hungry for God

Be Filled and Pour it Out


What does a humble life look like? 

Moses, Part 2

Moses shepherded a very large group of unruly, complaining people.  He put up with their forgetfulness of God’s many miraculous interventions.  When there wasn’t good water to drink or good food to eat, they complained.  Most…


Post #1: Living in Humility

Humility is the chief of the graces  

Humility is a broad reaching orientation to all of life, towards God and people.  Throughout history, many leading authors have identified humility as the most core virtue of following Jesus:  



Worship Team Coach

In September I finished  four months of leading worship at Southside Churches in Burnaby and Surrey, B.C.  I really enjoyed it!   I am always enriched by visiting and co-working with churches in other denominations than my own.  We have so…


“God is Love” Song Story

I am inspired to write songs for many reasons.  One way I catch a vision for a new song begins with seeing a need.  I sometimes do music for a dinner outreach to needy people.  It’s one expression of Nightshift…


City of Light

City of Light is the first track on the Bring Your Healing Love EP.  It’s a reggae tune that I’ve played a lot at Nightshift, a ministry in my city that serves a nightly meal to people in need.  The…


Bring Your Healing Love - New EP Available Now!

It is with great joy that I introduce my new 4-song EP called Bring Your Healing Love.  And it is available right here at  Sometime in early December it will also be available on itunes and many other…


On the Road Again

Here are a few highlights of worship events from this fall in India, Langley, BC, Penticton, BC and St Louis, Missouri. 

A conference in Dehradun, India at the Vineyard church pastored by Sunny and Vika Gilbert.   This Vineyard was…


The Joy of a Songwriting Circle

Mallory Gliko was one of eight participants in our Spring 2017 songwriting circle.   Her lovely song, “In Your Presence is just one example of all the good songs that were shared in our meetings.  (See video of this song on…

Harvest Vineyard Prayer and Worship Summit

Last weekend I led worship sessions at the Harvest Vineyard Prayer and Worship Summit in Edmonton, Alberta.  One of the first things that struck me at this event was the angelic presence in the sanctuary.  Sometimes I know in my…


I Love to Write Songs

I have been enjoying writing songs for over forty years.  I started when I was seventeen years old, right after I met the Lord.  Never dreamed that I’d write so many songs and sing them in so many places. 

God Takes Notice

Yesterday evening, my band mates and I had a great time leading worship at the nightly meal at Nightshift Street Ministries in Surrey.  It was cold, but bearable – right around the freezing mark.  First time I can remember playing…