Your Family is Your Treasure

A friend of mine gave me this word some years ago:  “Your family is your treasure.”  It referred to my immediate family.  I’ve often thought about it, and God has used it to keep my on the right path.  Sometimes I get too busy with the work that I love, and forget my family that I love even more. 

Last week I was in Cannon Beach for the annual gathering of worship leaders from the western U.S. (This year we were joined by several friends from other nations, as well). As always, it was a great time in God’s presence with old and new friends.  After four decades in the Vineyard, I’ve had so many precious experiences with this family of God.  When I see them, I’m reminded of God’s amazing goodness to me. What a privilege to be a part of this God-begotten community. 

This week, I couldn’t help but think, this family is my treasure.  I also thought about the counterfeit treasures that lure me, namely, finding affirmation through my music.  It’s human nature to want and need love and affirmation.  Where do we really get it?  From our Father and our family. 

What our hearts really long for is relationship with God and our family.  But, in this world of American Idol and The Voice, we often look for fulfillment through receiving recognition for our gifts.  But it’s just an illusion.  Sure, we get strokes when we do our thing on stage, but it doesn’t last.  We’re in for a huge let-down if we depend on the praises of people for our happiness.  Our idols always disappoint us. 

True friendship with God and our family members is such a beautiful thing—it’s completely unconditional.  What we gain from friendship and fellowship is affirmation...being with people who enjoy being with us.  We get the feeling, "I belong here!  These people love me and like me!  I don't have to strive or performfor acceptance.  I don't have to prove anything." 

So, remember what your true treasures are.  Be content to be a friend of God and included in his household of sons and daughters.   Cherish and savor the friendships God has given you.

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