Take A Rest

Just got back from five days at Gabriola Island with some family at a friends’ rustic cabin.  Their spot in the forest is only a few minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.   Cedar and Arbutus trees line the coastline. Sandstone rock formations in all shapes cover the shore.  Whitecaps are mirrored by puffy clouds overhead. 
It’s Peaceful. Serene.  The constant susurrating motion of the waves on the shore mesmerizes and calms.  In the background a long line of coastal mountains hover over the expanse of sea water in front of us.  The sun sets in a fiery orange-red ball on the watery horizon. 
At the cabin we are surrounded by The Gift of Green – the many hues of God’s green creation: grasses, wild shrubs and trees, topped with a light blue sky-covering.  Colorful accents of wild flowers dot the landscape. 
For most of these five days, my cell phone was far away from me, thank God.  We are not driven or held accountable to chronos time here.  No frantic rushing.  We enjoyed the freedom of kairos time.  Kairos is defined as an undetermined period of time in which something special happens. Jesus, Paul and Brother Lawrence operated in the kairos view of time. They saw every moment as a chance to enjoy and glorify God. 
In times of rest, there is ample time to think and be thankful.  To consider what really matters in life.  To let the tension drain out of your body.  To catch up on Sabbath rest.  To take opportunities to enjoy the sunset, share tasty food and reminisce about days gone by.  To share memories with loved ones. 
This summer, make sure to take time to unplug from the demands of work and a thousand other things. Whether it’s on an island for a week or in your own apartment or backyard for a weekend ‘stay-cation,’ find a way to slow way down and get out of your normal routine.  If possible, spend some time surrounded by nature and get away from your online devices.  You’ll be refreshed, revitalized and get fuelled up for the journey ahead!

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