1. Sailing Free
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Sailing Free

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Andy Park: Lead Vocal, Wurlitzer, Electric Guitar, Drum programming
Tracy Rahn: Backing Vocals
Aaron Rathjen: Bass
Mike Kent: Organ and Keyboard Pad
Gabriel Klein: Mixing and Mastering


Sailing Free

I ride on a river of peace ‘cause my God goes before me
The Captain of my soul is my guide and my goal
I‘m not intimidated, for Christ in me is greater
No evil can keep me from his peace

I’m riding free, sailing free
For my Prince of Peace is here with me
I’m riding free, sailing free
In the arms of love for eternity, I’m riding free

Verse 2
In God I live and I rest, I breathe his very breath
I will not strain or stress for the house he builds will stand
He gives his perfect peace to those who think on him
To those who meditate on his love

Sail on, sail on, sail on that river (repeat)
We will see his face, there will be no more night
For the Lord our God will give us light
He will wipe the tears away from every eye
He is making all things new, all things new

Alternate chorus
I’m riding free, sailing free
On this river of my destiny
I’m riding free, sailing free
In the arms of love for eternity