From the recording Let Love Lead You

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Our Love Will Overcome

Verse 1
You get the real me I don’t have to fake it,
I like the real me
I don’t have to try to make it up,
‘cause I know who I am
You get the real me, I’m slowly getting’ better
I’m up and down but I always come back to the center
I can see you as a treasure

Our love will overcome , our love will overcome
Our love is stronger, our love will overcome

Verse 2
I have a dark side, but I try not to stay there
Pardon me if I shoot off my mouth to bring you down
I don’t want to bring you down
I will forgive you, will you forgive me…
For the times I forget who I really am?
I’m just a mortal man

Verse 3
My best for you, this is what I offer
My better angels will overcome the worst of me
They will show me how to really be
There is a river, I’m drinking deeply
So I can see you with the eyes of love more clearly
And treat you much more dearly

Our hearts were made for love,
Our hearts were made for love