1. Peace River

From the recording Let Love Lead You


Peace River
Summertime river glide, soothing sound of the water
Summer sky, clouds of white, the Shining sun is my brother
In the shade of the willow, in the summer breeze
I leave my troubles behind me, my mind is at ease

Take me away, peace river
Take me away like a heavenly dream
I’m letting go, I surrender
Won’t you carry me, peace river

Verse 2
Summertime feels so fine, slowing down in the sunshine
Summer life frees my mind, I’m takin’ my time
Lying down in the cool grass, looking up through the trees
Blue sky all around me, the river is calling to me,
The river is calling to me

I’m like a boat on the sea, you carry me
I’m like a bird on the breeze, you carry me