From the recording Our Oasis

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Features Julie Cameron on vocals and Nigel Cameron on Irish whistles.


Our Oasis

Verse 1
In this weary world you are our refuge, Jesus, our oasis,
You’re our steady anchor in the chaos, Jesus, our peace

Jesus, our oasis, we come to drink of you
Jesus, our oasis, we find our rest in you

Verse 2
When the battles rage you give us shelter, Jesus, our oasis,
When confusion reigns you are the answer, Jesus, our peace

You are the wellspring of life, You satisfy our aching need
Your love is better than life, eternal Christ, in you we live and breathe

Verse 3
You are daily bread and living water, Jesus, our oasis
You reveal the mercy of the Father, Jesus, our peace.

2nd chorus
Jesus our beloved, your arms enfold us now [ 2X ]