From the recording Bubble Up

Lead vocal and guitars by Andy Park, Lead vocal by Loralee Thiessen, Drums by Calum Rees,


God of All Grace

We are thirsty, Lord for you now
Soften up this dry and broken ground,
Living water, come, pour upon us now

Oh Lord, we need you now, have mercy, God of all grace
We believe you now, Lord, help us to walk in your ways
God of all grace, show us your ways

Verse 2
Blanket of God’s mercy cover us,
Let your tender mercy cover us
Where we’ve gone astray,
Lead us in your ways

Verse 3
Living Word, plant your seed in us,
That we might live a life of fruitfulness
Unless we live in you, we cannot bear fruit

Verse 4
Abba, Father, heal our brokenness,
Bind our wounds and heal our brokenness,
Melt away our fears, wipe away our tears