From the recording Bubble Up

Lead vocal, piano and guitars by Andy Park, Drums and Bass by Andre Antonio


My Good Friend
by Andy Park

You are always glad to hear from me
You want to know my latest news
When I’m with you, I can just be me
You have a gentle way about you

Chorus 1
I am yours and you are mine,
You’re a good friend all the time

Verse 2
When I’m upset, you stay calm
You give me that look and you nudge my arm
You look me in the eye and see inside
In a friend like you I can confide
A good friend is hard to find,
You’re a good friend all the time

Moment by moment you walk with me,
Moment by moment you love me,
You love me, now and always you love me

verse 3
So many memories of years gone by
So many highways we’ve travelled
Where would I have been without your smile
My loyal companion

verse 4
Seasons come and seasons go
Some are sweet and some are bitter
Down in the valley, sinking low
With you it’s always better