1. Home with You

From the recording Wings of the Wind

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Lead vocal by Andy Park. Strings, Acoustic Guitar and Mandotar by Andy Park. Back up vocals by large group of friends.


Home with You

All these trials we’re enduring, and the burdens we now bear
Are like quickly passing shadows that soon will disappear.
They cannot be compared to the ecstasy we’ll know.
In the shining glory of our eternal home

Chorus 2
Jesus, we will be home with you
We’ll know eternal joy at home with you
Jesus, your promises are true
We’ll live in perfect peace at home with you

Verse 2
These momentary struggles and the turmoil of these days
Temptations that we battle will quickly fade away
The glory that awaits us is beyond our wildest dreams
Underneath the shadow of Yahweh’s mighty wings

Verse 3
Creation groans together as we wait to be revealed
In the shining glory where all our ills are healed
Bring the blessing of tomorrow here to us today
Open up the heavens, Jesus bring your reign