1. Healing River

From the recording Wings of the Wind

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Lead vocal, acoustic guitar, synth and Rhodes by Andy Park. Drums by Paul Peterson, bass by Aaron Rathjen, electric guitar by Brian Thiessen. Back up vocals by Andy Park and Carly Reirson.


Healing River

There’s a deep cry in the heart of humanity
Friends and family broken apart
And we all take sides and argue that we are right
Instead of listening and opening a door
But if we choose the road of humility,
this blindness will fall from our eyes
we lay down the swords of our hostility,
we choose the way of Christ

We come to wade in the healing river
Leave behind our mistakes in the healing river
We find God’s grace to love one another
All our sins are washed away

Verse 2:
I wish we all could see we are one family
Made in the image of God
Could we turn the tide on all of the hate and spite?
O listen to the voice of love
“Blessed are the peacemakers,
they are called God’s children…
Blessed are the mercy-givers,
they will receive as they have given”

Forgive and be forgiven, let go of yesterday
Forgive and be forgiven, let mercy find a way
All our sins are washed away
All our sins are washed away