Post #5: Living in Humility

Seek Jesus, Find Humility      

It’s not that humility should be the focus of our life’s pursuit.  Jesus is our focus.   At the core of Jesus’ nature is humility.   

Jesus humbled himself to the very lowest place and as a result was exalted to the very highest place.  In Jesus, a very important spiritual principle is demonstrated:  those who humble themselves will be lifted up—honored or exalted.  Jesus followed the Father’s plan, and was rewarded with the very highest honor of any human in history.  

Jesus shows us the definition of humility – saying “yes” to his loving Father’s plan. He cooperated with his Father, saying “not my will, but yours be done.”  

To be a disciple of someone is to copy everything they do.  It’s to absorb and become everything they are.  Being apprenticed to Jesus means taking on his character.  Because humility is central to the character of Jesus, by seeking him, you enroll in his school of humility. 

When a new position becomes available in your company and you see yourself as highly qualified for that position, but someone else gets promoted, God is taking you to humility school. 

When you passionately argue your point with a friend but in the end you see she is right and you are wrong, you’re learning humility. 

When your role at work is discontinued and it seems like God has pulled the carpet out from under you, you feel like asking “Have I done something wrong?”  Not necessarily.  It means:  It’s time to grow!!  God is saying, “I’m pruning you, purifying you, getting you ready for the next step.” 

You are God’s child and you’re also his student.  What a privilege—to follow in his footsteps, humbly serving just as he did.  This is the key to life, happiness and fulfillment. 

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